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New Homes Need New Style

When you are ready to build your new home make sure you work with a design professional who knows what the current trends are, and what will hold in style for the years to come.  No one wants to build a new home to find out it is already dated when you move-in.   Working with companies that keep up with trends is also a sign of quality construction and up-to-date building practices and standards as well.  Infinity Builders offers complimentary design service to every new home owner.

Ceilings and Accent Walls. The faux-finished ceilings that once graced magazine covers across the country are now passé.  Wrapping the wall color up onto the ceiling or sticking with classic white ceilings will keep your home current. Also, accent walls are starting to dwindle in the design scene and need to be properly executed if done. Softer transitions in color are important and make sure the color is on the element you are trying to highlight.

Good-bye Mauve.  Mauve was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s and is an instant identifier of the homes age.  If you still have a mauve bedroom you are sleeping in a time warp. Other colors worth noting as dated are burgundy, hunter green, teal and mustard.

Track Lights.  Not on track any more.  Track lights and overdone recessed lighting interrupt beautiful ceilings and look too commercial for most homes.  Lamps are making a comeback and floor and table lamps personalize rooms.  Infinity will work with you create a custom lighting plan in your home.

No More Flower Power.  Large flower patterns are not a good investment in carpeting and upholstery.  Try to keep curtains and furniture in less dramatic patterns that will age well over time.  If you have to add color to your décor pillows are a great way.

Come Home Lassie.  If you have visited Tuscany and brought back a love for vivid tiles, it’s time for a change.  Ceramic tile with bold colors and patterns will make your home look like a tile store showroom.  With new construction French and Italian tiles don’t look authentic and you should be thinking about a home with longevity and resale value. There are ways to put your personal touches on a home that won’t be cost prohibitive to replace.

Infinity Builders offers complimentary professional design services with every home purchase to help you design the home of your dreams.  You will be able to customize your home and know that you are making design decisions you (and everyone else) will love for years to come.