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Kitchens: Find Your Style

There are so many options to consider when building a new home with Infinity Builders.  The kitchen is the heart of your home and deserves a little more attention than it is often given.   When beginning your kitchen design here are some style tips to consider:

Keep it light and simple. Light colored cabinets like white and ivory with a classic shaker door will create a kitchen that is fresh and feels clean.  The brightness of the light colored cabinets will make your kitchen feel warm and large.  This is a good design choice if your kitchen is located on the North side of the house. White and light colors are versatile, endure in style, and can meet the interior design styles of many people since they look good in traditional, cottage, country, and even modern homes. Infinity has many cabinet options available with coordinating backsplash tile.

Mismatched Cabinets. To create interest in your kitchen design, consider incorporating different cabinet colors together.  A dark stained wood island would look great with light colored wood or white cabinets.  Mixing and matching can add warmth and personal style to a home and create a relaxed atmosphere. Another way to create contrast and appeal is to use different colored granites on your island.

Go Sophisticated. Deep, rich woods and colors can have the same effect as bold or bright colors in the kitchen.  Sleek slab doors will feel modern, clean and uncomplicated and will look great with stainless steel appliances.  If you desire a kitchen that feels unclutter and well organized this style will appeal to you. This is also a good design choice to create the feeling of a larger kitchen and enhance open space.

Fuss a Little.  Don’t forget the details.  Spend some time finding a backsplash that brings out your countertops and hardware that enhances the cabinetry.  These elements can create a dramatic effect in the kitchen and will make your kitchen feel like your own.  Let these details speak of your design style by picking a modern stainless steel or old world rustic stone backsplash.  These elements are cost effective to change over time. 

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 Great white kitchen.

Great white kitchen.